We all get them.  Nerves, anxiety, fear.  Those feelings when we're getting ready to do something different, something outside of our comfort zone.  Portrait sessions, or family portrait sessions make us feel that way.  I have a system that will help ease those feelings.  Try to have a fun time.  F.U.N

Be FUNNY,  you're here to have a great time, to relax with one another.

Be UNITED.  You're here as a FAMILY.  A memory is about to take place, enjoy it!  But most of all,

Be NATURAL.  You know your comfort level, you know your FAMILYS' comfort level, play with that and run with it.  

I have prepared a few tips that will help you get you and your family ready for that day when you will all come together to have F.U.N

Follow these tips for your portrait session and you will have a great, relaxing and enjoyable time!  Click on the link for your tips

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