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Hello, and welcome!  My name is Sylvia Koelsch and I am the owner/photographer at Photography by Sylvia.  I love capturing specail and memorable moments.  I don't just "photograph" your special day, I work extremely hard to make sure I capture your special day, your family, and your  emotions.  With over 15 years experience and  countless hours of photographing families, children and High school Seniors.  I have created a style unique and "personal"  that shows in every event, every portrait and every one who stands in front of my cameras.  I like to make it fun, relaxing for you and your family to create one of a kind memories.   

My husband Steve is my second shotter for large events, groups, and reunions.  We work together on and off camera.  Our commitment to family strengthens our commitment to quality.  Our faith in God allows us to be strong as a team and committed to making a difference with every portrait. We balance each other out and  create professional images at reasonable prices.  We believe that family treasures should be affordable for everyone. 

Photography has given us the opportunity to express ourselves.  It has also given us  the opportunity to show our love for beauty, something that we see in everyday life.   We believe God has given us wonderful gifts and we  feel blessed to share ours with others.

 When you book your event or portraits with Photography By Sylvia, you are getting experience, commitment, creativity, and the promise that we will work very hard to make sure your day is special and you are the "most important part of the day."      


"You don’t take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

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